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    MILITARY HISTORY: Beirut Bombing

    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn & Jeff Gonzales is honored to bring you the first in a series of MILITARY HISTORY episodes. Tonight, we will air A Tribute...


    Walking Dead

    This week   In this week’s episode, our heroes discuss Walking Dead, have some Halloween seasonal beer discuss what horror movies made them scared. Jan opens up about a...

    Talent Radio

    Defining And Developing A Players

      ESPN Workplace What if ESPN covered your workplace 24-7; what would be the top stories, who’s the most scrutinized, and most importantly how would you stack up? And...

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    JD’s Rockin Sports

    Tune in to JD’s Rockin Sports each week as they bring on a wide verity of guests covering all your favorite sports.  Football season is upon us show make...

    That Show

    That Show!

    Tonight on THAT SHOW, we are talking about social media and is it making us as people, softer. Tune In at http://www.vetsonmedia.com/radio-shows/that-show/