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    Exercise SOS

    This week on The Welcome Back Show we have Sam Colby, Coast Guard Veteran and Owner of Exercise SOS in studio! TODAY at 10am PST  

    Talent Radio

    Do Unto Others

     Do Unto Others This weeks show was one for the books as we discussed the golden rule, theology, criminal cases and just let our opinions and perspectives run the...


    Aisling Daly

    Tonight we have Ailing Daly From Season 20 of the  Ultimate Fighter on! Live Broadcast Each Thursday Night from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. ET Make sure you tune...

    Warrior Talk Radio JPEG

    The Madison Project

    Tonight on Warrior Talk Radio GI Jenn and Jeff will be talking with Drew Ryun, a Strategist for the Madison Project (www.madisonproject.com) and former deputy director in the political...


    Walking Dead

    This week   In this week’s episode, our heroes discuss Walking Dead, have some Halloween seasonal beer discuss what horror movies made them scared. Jan opens up about a...